Privatization of US Land and Mineral

According to Texas law, the ownership of land includes two different types of rights: One is immovable property rights and another is mineral property rights. At the beginning these two property rights were owned by the same individual, but as time went on, in many areas of Texas, especially in those areas with a long history of oil and gas development, minerals and immovable property rights commonly became owned by different people. The mineral land rights happen when the minerals on the land are divided or ended and the owner sells the superficies and retains all or part of the minerals.

If the owner didn’t restrict explicitly all rights transfers to “property of land only” or the minerals are clearly retained when the surface is sold, then the minerals are automatically included in the sale.

The lease holder has a wide range of rights to use the area to explore for and produce oil and natural gas. These rights include: the right of seismic tests, selecting a site to drill, access to well sites and other facilities, construction and maintenance, use of the roads leading to well sites and facilities, use of pipelines to service wells and facilities on the property, drilling on leased land, production operations, use of surface water and groundwater, and drilling and operating water input wells to increase the lease recovery and process the produced water.

Because of the privatization of land and mining rights in the US, there will not be an interruption or confiscation of investment plans like in socialist countries. And because of the relationships in privatization, the part of business operations and dividends distribution being able to develop completely, and everything being implemented according to legal paths for investors, their investments are guaranteed.

Equal,impartial,and public dividend distribution

Fair trade:

In order to maintain trade order and consumer interests, to ensure fair trade, fair competition, prevent violation of competition, unfair competition, improper monopoly, such as abuse of monopoly, improper joint behavior, and price pricing, etc., many other countries also Follow up, formulate relevant competition laws and establish law enforcement agencies. In order to prevent the monopoly of standard oil, the US government repeatedly filed lawsuits under the antitrust law. The lawsuit has been extended for many years. After the judgment of the federal court, three more sensational hearings were held in the Supreme Court, and finally the federal court decision was made. The ruling, ultimately, stabilized the overall situation of US oil because of the fair trade law.

Court justice:

According to the Division Order announced by the US court, the oil company will automatically allocate the money to the owner’s account registered on the license according to the registration ratio on the license, without borrowing from the third party. This achieves fair distribution of profits

Price disclosure:

Crude oil is the most important indicator of the international futures market.

The main basis of the TOCC is the market exchange: the light sweet crude oil of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) is the “West Texas Intermediate Oil” futures contract and the high sulfur crude oil futures contract. In the overall market, the price is open and fair, no one can

Inelastic Demand of industry

The oil crisis that occurred in 1973 brought a huge impact on the world’s oil, and the volatility of oil prices then caused the issuance of oil futures. After the issuance of oil futures, the trading volume continued presenting fast growth. Currently, it has surpassed metal futures and is an important index of the international futures market.

Crude oil futures are the most important oil futures categBecause oil is already a very important part in the current futures market, no one can control the market price in an open and fluctuated price in the whole market, and the TOCC’s price fluctuation will be based on the price of the international futures market.

STO refers to the raising of funds through security token offering, and its participation process is very similar to ICO, except that the tokens bought are based on assets, distribution, or company revenue. Like, the token issued by a resort hotel represents equity. Because it is regulated and supervised by relevant laws, it will be safer for investors。Smart Contracts distribute Dividends Automatically

Inelastic Demand of industry